South African Quilt

This is a form invented by Angela Jacobs,  it was, as I understand her very first sonnet written.
It is defined by the Rhyme scheme: aabb ccdd efg efg
It is presumed that the poet has the choice of meter and line-length.
The volta should occur at or beyond line 9.
Example Poem
 I Loved a Nymph     (South African Quilt)
Most every man believes he wants a maid
whose nymphomania is just displayed
when he and she are intertwined in lust,
and is has shapely form and ample bust.
I found just such a nymphet, by the way,
and we conjoined at least four times a day.
Had I an independent source of wealth
the exercise would have sustained my health.
But should your work or schooling make demands
you must then measure well your final aim,
for her own needs can not take second place.
She will find all attention she commands
there is no lack of guys to play her games.
so you must steel yourself to share with grace.
© Lawrencealot – September 29, 2013
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