Divino Sonnet – Divina Sonetto

This poetry form was presented by the part Italian poet Divena Collins. It follows the Italian 8/6 pattern, but her Scottish upbringing makes a statement with the sestet, with a much different tempo.

Rhyming pattern: aabb dccd eef egg

Example Poem:
Tell Me of Your Anger in Whispers (Divino  Sonnet)
A silence is most fine thing when irate.
Emotions can cause words to over state
I ask that first you test your words alone.
If anger stems from blunder of my own
you’ll want to be assured your meaning’s clear.
If meaning’s very clear, then is it fair?
Are these first words intended to repair?
Unleashed, harsh words will travel like a spear.
It’s wise of you my dear, therefore, to wait,
for now, until your anger can abate.
If I have stumbled I’ll get straight, don’t fear.
There’s nothing risked delaying words that grate.
My love, use whispers closely late tonight.
I love you, dearly; I will make it right.
Visual Template: