Relaxed Sonnet

This is a gadget sonnet form invented by Mary Lou Hearly,
aka Mlou on

The Relaxed Sonnet is:
A quatorzain made up of alternating iambic trimeter and iambic dimeter lines
with the final couplet being iambic pentameter
Rhymed: abababcdcdcdee, where the a-rhymes are feminine.

My example

Hold the Iamb Chops (Relaxed Sonnet)

He seldom feels contented
I’d have to say,
when iambs are presented
the normal way.
the sing-song seems demented
-a sound’s cliché!
He’s published. He’s acclaimed,
he understands
that meter must be tamed
and so he plans
to truncate unashamed
per his demands.

That doesn’t mean that you and I must fear
the lovely lilt the common man might hear.

© Lawrencealot – October 26, 2014

Visual template

Relaxed Sonnet

Harrisham sonnet

Created by Harrisham Minhas of Allpoetry
Harrisham Sonnet is written in 3 stanzas consisting of 2 sestets and a couplet.
For each of the stanzas, the last letter of the first word of each line
is the first letter of the first word of the next line.
There is no restriction on the starting letter of the first line in each of the stanzas.
There is no restriction on the syllable count in this form,
but it is required that the poem should have a good rhythm to it.
Rhyme scheme:  ababab cdcdcd ee

Example Poem:

Tell Me of Your Anger in Whispers (Harrisham Sonnet)
Don’t speak in anger, dear,
risks message getting lost
though words themselves are clear;
revoked by neural cost,
thrust by defensive fear.
Refrain from words just tossed.
If the meaning is clear,
revisit fairness too.
There’s no need blaming here,
we must solve “how” not “who”
only know- I revere
everything about you.
Gently whisper tonight.
Then I will make it right.
© November 26, 2012
Sample of Visual Template useable for multiple line lengths: