English Sonnet

Also know as Shakespearian Sonnet because he wrote so many of them.
Iambic pentameter
Rhyme scheme abab cdcd efef gg
After the first eight lines, the theme or point of view should take a turn, a twist (known as a volta).
The final couplet should either summarize the theme of the poem, or give a completely fresh take on the theme.

My Example

Trees At Dusk (Revised)

Trees at Dawn

My solitude sequestered now for night,
the quiet grove of beech becalms the trail
as gentle breeze presages failing light.
The leaves now whisper to the flowers frail.
The flowers brightly colored purple hue
will fade each night when dust turns things to grey.
Tomorrow they’ll again present a view
and scent; renewing nature’s grand bouquet.

Young trees, wattles, used both for fence and fuel,
are shouting out to man, “Tis fertile here!”
Few reach good lumber size for settlers’ tool
or burn them, leaving fertile farmland clear.
Now, man re-forests lands preserving scenes
like this, for now we know just what it means.

Lawrence Eberhart – February 7, 2016

Cross Sonnet

The Cross Sonnet was created by  Victoria Sutton aka “PassionsPromise.”
It is composed with eight syllables to each line.
The first four syllable of line #1, becomes the last four syllables of Line #4
in each of the quatrains.
The rhyme scheme may be aabb ccdd eeff gg or abab cdcd efef gg

Sample Poem:

Yes Virginia, There Is (Cross Sonnet)

I love you though you believe not.
Your demons say that love is naught
Your reality cries out, “No,
you don’t love me”; I love you though.

Your wounds are deep and I can’t aid
because your past makes you afraid
I’ll make promises I’ll not keep.
You reject all; your wounds are deep

It just piles on when trust is gone.
When every out-reach seems a con
Twilight denies there’s any dawn.
I can not help; It just piles on

Yet from the stars, way past the moon.
will flow a tranquil peace real soon.

Visual Template:

Beymorlin Sonnet

Beymorlin Sonnet 
The defining features of the Beymorlin Sonnet are:
  • written in a quatorzain made up of 3 quatrains and a couplet.
  • metered, primarily iambic pentameter.
  • double rhymed, rhyme scheme abab cdcd efef gg with a separate internal rhyme in the same pattern as the end rhyme. The internal rhyme should occur within the first two syllables of each line.
  • composed with the epiphany arriving slowly after the 2nd quatrain.
Tell Me of Your Anger in Whispers (Beymorlin Sonnet)
It’s best if you are angry dear, to wait
and speak the words when you are all alone,
to test if meaning’s clear.  Let heat abate
and tweak the words so I don’t have to moan.
A voice that’s raised invokes a sharp retort
the stage is set for defense right away.
My choice would be to listen then support
a sage, but dulcet wife; make things Okay.
A word cant wait, while anger wanes and cools.
Let’s try to schedule talks to make things better.
Assured results are reached when reason rules.
Oh by the way, you know I like that.sweater!
Use clear and mellow whispers in the night,
my dear, I love you; so I’ll make it right.
Visual Template:

AA Sonnet – 12 Step Sonnet

This sonnet was invented by Larry Eberhart, aka, Lawrencealot

It steals a page from the Burmese poem form know a Ya Du, in that it uses staircase-rhyme as well as end-rhyme.

The sonnet can be written in either Iambic or Trochaic Tetrameter or Pentameter. The form is different for each, because of the 12-Step internal rhyme pattern.

The Tetrameter version is three quatrains and a couplet,

Rhyme Patter n:    abab cdcd efef gg

The internal rhyme has the first syllable rhyming with the For each stanza the first syllable in line 1 

rimes with the 2nd syllable in line2
with the 3rd syllable in line 3, and
with the 4th syllable in line 3.

The Petrameter version is two sestets and a couplet.

Rhyme Pattern is  abcabc dedede ff
The same scheme is applied to each stanza as was used in
the tetramter version, except at Line 4, and L10 new
rhyme sounds are selected.  (This limiting required rhymes to three)

NO Volta is required, but may be used anywhere at poet’s discretion.


Restraint       (AA Sonnet – 12 Step Sonnet)

A drunk husband with rifle in the door. 

That day I was the fourth cop there, so went 
right away to the rear of that small house. 
The cops were talking – they would talk some more. 
A danger now stalked we hoped to prevent. 
I found window unlocked, with view of spouse. 

Beyond the wife was man with back to me, 

and he was never looking back my way. 
Quietly, I slide open my entry, 
but paused- negotiations underway 
were calming him, though he held the gun he 
did not point, so I showed restraint that day. 

Entering that room I’d have been a fuse- 

With not a lot to gain and much to lose.