Kindergarten Klas Sonnet

This form, another invented by ‘fair youth’ Jose Rizal M. Reyes
rhyming pattern: abca bcab cabc dd
format: English (quatrain, quatrain, quatrain, couplet)
Example Poem:
Mary Sullivan Boren   (Kindergarten Klas Sonnet)
No poet here has helped advance my skill
(of sorts), than Mary, known as MeterMaid.
No pretention resides within my friend
but wit and talent join insight to thrill.
She’s self-appraising, able, not afraid
to re-invent herself and put an end
to stagnant comforts even when the pill
is bitter. Growth, she knew was worth the trade.
Experience ladled into brain, sautéed
with humility, wrought a gal who will,
if asked, dissemble words with which you’ve made
your poem belch, or in some way offend.
Aside from help in meter at her place,
Her writings exercise my aging face.
© Lawrencealot – November 12, 2012
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