Bowlesian Sonnet

Rhyme scheme: abba cddc effe gg
3 quatrains (Italian rhyme scheme)
followed by Heroic couplet.
14 lines
iambic pentameter.
(My first two source agreed, but since then I have found several that allow tetrameter)
pivot 9-13
Alternately known as Australian sonnet
NOTE: There is another form named Australian Sonnet HERE.
Example poem:
Tell Me of Your Anger in Whispers   (Bowlesian Sonnet)
Should you be moved to speak in anger, dear,
I ask that first you test your words alone.
If anger stems from blunder of my own
You’ll want to be assured your meaning’s clear.
If meaning’s very clear, then is it fair?
Is it essential now that blame be found;
will such proceed toward a common ground?
Are these first words intended to repair?
Perhaps, the words should simply disappear
for now, until your anger can abate.
There’s nothing risked delaying words that grate.
Unleashed, harsh words will travel like a spear.
My love, use whispers closely late tonight.
I love you, honey; I will make it right.

Blues Sonnet

The defining features of the Blues Sonnet are:
  • a quatorzain made up of 4 triplets and a heroic couplet.
  • oddly metric, in iambic pentameter. This is in contrast to the usual blue stanza which is accentual, with a more folksy rhythm. 
  • rhymed, rhyme scheme AAa BBb CCc DDd ee.
  • it is composed of 4 Blues Stanzas, L1 statement, L2 incremental repetition of L1, and L3 is a climactic parallel of the first 2 lines.
  • pivot or volta should be in the last triplet. and ends in a declamatory couplet.
Example Poem:
November, 2012
Our country faces crisis we allowed.
My country faces crisis we allowed.
Our constitution has been disavowed.
With Czars a shadow government’s emerged.
Unchecked, a shadow government’s emerged.
Today our middle class has been submerged.
Our President wants full control right now.
The President wants full control right now.
Our freedom must be put aside somehow.
I write to share my fearful sad lament.
I want to share my fearful sad lament.
The takers want it all, and they’re intent.
We need to muster every thinking vote.
for gimme-mores we know will vote by rote.
(c) Lawrencealot – Novemeber 4, 2012
Visual Template:
Blues Sonnet

Beymorlin Sonnet

Beymorlin Sonnet 
The defining features of the Beymorlin Sonnet are:
  • written in a quatorzain made up of 3 quatrains and a couplet.
  • metered, primarily iambic pentameter.
  • double rhymed, rhyme scheme abab cdcd efef gg with a separate internal rhyme in the same pattern as the end rhyme. The internal rhyme should occur within the first two syllables of each line.
  • composed with the epiphany arriving slowly after the 2nd quatrain.
Tell Me of Your Anger in Whispers (Beymorlin Sonnet)
It’s best if you are angry dear, to wait
and speak the words when you are all alone,
to test if meaning’s clear.  Let heat abate
and tweak the words so I don’t have to moan.
A voice that’s raised invokes a sharp retort
the stage is set for defense right away.
My choice would be to listen then support
a sage, but dulcet wife; make things Okay.
A word cant wait, while anger wanes and cools.
Let’s try to schedule talks to make things better.
Assured results are reached when reason rules.
Oh by the way, you know I like that.sweater!
Use clear and mellow whispers in the night,
my dear, I love you; so I’ll make it right.
Visual Template:

Betwixt Sonnet

Friday, October 12, 2012
5:28 PM

This form was invented for Sonnet 1327 by
Jose Rizal M. Reyes, of February 26, 2009
format: English (3 quad trains plus a couplet)
rhyming pattern: abba cbbc dbbd bb
IT was named the Betwixt Sonnet on November 13, 2012
by Lawrencealot until I hear otherwise from the ‘Fair youth”

Accidental Me               ( Betwixt Sonnet )
The chances of becoming you were small.
Your mother might have never said okay,
when first she met your father that one day.
Another beau might then have won the call.
The mating might have some how been postponed
or hurried by just seconds either way,
ejaculate could have been washed away,
or killed by spermicide your momma owned.
A simple cough that nudged the winning sperm
decided you’d be who you are today.
But certainly you are your dossier
so fill it up and never act infirm.
The game is being played out everyday
and as for me I find it fun to play.
Lawrencealot – November 13, 2012
Visual Template:

American Forte

 Invented by Jose Rizal M. Reyes of the Philippines
Iambic Petameter
Three Quatrains + Ending couplet
Rhyme Scheme: abab bbcc cdcd dd
 Associated form: American Libra = abab bbcc cdcd ee

Example Poem
Lead and Follow  (American Forte Sonnet)
Just follow your individual quest.
Pursue what stimulates your mind and soul.
When you’ve done jobs with care, and done your beat
That’s all that counts and that’s your only role.
Compare not yourself; other’s have their goal,
which may not seem in synch, in part or whole.
You need not better any one, but need
to do your very best, then you succeed.
You may have skills enabling you to lead.
That leadership is not the goal, you see.
But if you can help others when they need
a guide, you just help building their esprit.
Where you should follow, don’t compete; be free
to play roles that enhance in small degree.
© Lawrencealot   Oct.16, 2012