Vocanic Workshop

This is a sonnet form invented and named by Jose Rizal M. Reyes of the Philippines.

It is stanzaic, consisting of three quatrains and a rhyming couplet
It is written in iambic pentameter.
The rhyme scheme is: abbb ccbb ddbb ee, where the red letters indicate feminine rhyme.

My Example

Poppys Pride


Poppy’s Pride (Volcanic Workshop)

The poppy probably does feel it’s blessed
when pondering the universal quest
for beauty by the bards of creatures human.
You don’t deny they think, I’m now assumin’.
“No thorns have I dissuading roaming beasts
yet I’m not favored as a bovine feast.
I’m not as fragrant smelling as is cumin.
I serve to honor killed and missing crewmen,
…and soldiers lost in battles everywhere.
who, fakes upon their lapels proudly wear.
I reject the very thought of doom and
expect that happiness ought be resuming.

For like draws like, and thus most naturally
I often find it peering down at me.”

© Lawrence Eberhart, May 28, 2015

Picture credit: Mary Boren



Visual Template

(yes, the first foot of L11 is headless.)

Volcanic Workshop



Turkey’s Delight

Turkey’s delight

This is a sonnet form invented and named by Jose Rizal M. Reyes of the Philippines.

It is stanzaic, consisting of three quatrains and a couplet
It is written in iambic pentameter.
The rhyme scheme is: abba ccdd efef gg

My Example

Predication (Turkey’s Delight Sonnet)

The ice descends across our planet’s face,
and then retracts, as it has done before;
We know this from the facts we can explore.
This cycle dates beyond the human race.

Then man, while racing from his own despair,
created cults and science everywhere.
They both were formed to ease our mortal mind,
answering each unknowable we find.

The first I know, some people really hate,
despising high regard for fables, yet
they credit scientists who validate
some notions, and find others just all wet.

But, I ask, begrudgingly, with sorrow,
how do they miscall the rain tomorrow?

© Lawrencealot – April 2, 2015

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Turkeys Delight Sonnet


Teacher-Pupil Equation

This is a sonnet form invented and named by Jose Rizal M. Reyes of the Philippines.

It is stanzaic, consisting of three quatrains and a couplet
It is written in iambic pentameter.
The rhyme scheme is: aaaa aaaa bbbb bb

My example

Unnovation (Pupil-Teacher Equation)

I have to tell you studious girls and guys,
it helps to have a teacher who is wise,
a poet who is able to apprise
a novice what he ought not to surmise.

A knowing reader won’t then criticize
where other poets try to improvise.
But in contests, it might just be unwise
to dress your meter down with much disguise.

A hypermetric foot fulfills a role;
for fem’nine rhyme it’s something I extol
but if just breaking flow’s your only goal
re-think that tactic, poet, I cajole.

Don’t diddle with what some of us extol.
for meter serves a poem and gives it soul.

© Lawrencealot – April 1, 2015

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Pupil-Teacher Equation

Beginning of the Line Rhymed Sonnet

Beginning of the Line Rhymed Sonnet: Write a 14 line sonnet.
Syllable count: ten per line or iambic pentameter.
Rhyme Scheme: a-a-b-b c-c-d-d e-e-f-f g-g.
First words in the line rhyme, not the end rhyme word

Beginning of the Line Rhymed Sonnet

Child Brides

Legal marriage laws overlooked. Some weddings
illegal, hidden because brides too young.
Some girls do not know what is happening.
numb to traditions taking away choice.
If un-bribable police do stop it,
stiff criminal arrests, family shame.
Secret weddings alter the girls’ futures.
Regret lingers in their burgeoning hearts.
Child marriage spans religion, language, caste.
Wild business transactions sell young girls.
Rape them first, settle debts, parents decide.
Escape from forced marriage! Let the girls grow!
Try to prevent child marriage. Some people
pry free rigid societies’ traditions.


My Thanks to Linda Varsell Smith for her contributions above.

My Example

Exhibition of Speed (Beginning of the Line Rhymed Sonnet)

I could have told you, had you only asked;
I would have mentioned carelessness would cost.
The pole was bent, the fence knocked down and yes,
the whole thing’s called an accident. Alas.
Not meaning to, (an absence of intent)
s’demeaning what that word should specify.
A feckless act defines an incident
A reckless deed ought be called only that.
He strove to prove his muscle car was hot;
and drove in loops when his control was faint.
He sped because the thrill excited him;
he fled be cause he feared a trip to jail.
When caught he’ll have to pay for what’s destroyed.
He ought to cheer! No people died tonight.

© Lawrecealot – March 4, 2015

Visual template

Beginning of the Line Rymed Sonnet

Capped Sonnet

A Capped Sonnet is a Blank Verse Sonnet
• metric, written iambic pentameter. In English most sonnets are written in iambic pentameter but there are some that occasionally stray from the norm. To metrically stray is not an option with the Blank Verse Sonnet.
• unrhymed.
• a quatorzain with no stanza breaks.
• composed with a pivot or turn which logically arrives in the 2nd half of the sonnet.
which is then ended with a rhymed couplet.

My example

Issue (Capped Sonnet)

Though you seduced an innocent, my dear,
most willingly I did comply that night.
‘Twas out of fear, there was no raging lust;
I knew within my heart you would not wait
and so I staked my claim before I left
to fight and maybe die among my mates.
I married you before we went to war.
Once branded, I imagined you’d not roam.
But founded fears cannot be wished away;
the tides and winds of fate won’t be denied.
Predispositions frequently control.
No man you chose could ever quite decline.
     Our marriage did not last; our children grew.
     They are the precious gift that came from you.

© Lawrencealot – December 5, 2014

Visual template

Capped Sonnet

Sestina Sonnet

The Sestina Sonnet is written in ten-syllable lines (usually iambic pentameter) and is structured with three stanzas; three quatrains(four-line stanzas) and a concluding couplet(a two-line stanza). The interesting thing about the Sestina Sonnet is that it actually doesn’t rhyme. It retains the Sestina qualities by repeating the end-words of lines throughout the piece.

The four words that end the lines of the first stanza, end the lines of the other two stanzas, in a different order each time. The last stanza, uses two of those words per line, with one in the middle and one at the end of the line.

Example poem

Tell Me of Your Anger in Whispers (Sestina Sonnet)

Don’t start a message with an angry word

for voice will carry tones that are not right

for saying what is needed to be heard.

An angry start can last until the night.

Daytime travails get pushed away at night

and ‘ere we sleep all problems should be heard.

Tell me I’ve goofed without an angry word.

We’ll fix it, regardless of who is right.

Experience shows that you’re usually right

unless you misunderstood deed or word.

A certain magic when we talk at night

yields solutions from voices that are heard.

You will be heard and things will work out right.

Tell me at night by way of whispered word.

© Lawrencealot – 2012

Visual Templates ( I have included one for Trochaic meter too)

Sestina Sonnet - Iambic

Sestina Sonnet - Trochaic

Salamanders’ Fireburst

This is a sonnet form invented by Jose Rizal M. Reyes of the Philippines.
It is stanzaic, consisting of three quatrains and a non-rhyming couplet.
Iy id metric, written in either iambic pentameter or iambic tetrameter.
Rhyme pattern is abcb acdc aded ae, where the c and d rhymes must be feminine.
 Example poem
Tramp Stamp 777LLY     (Salamander’s Fireburst)
I don’t know why my daddy named his car.
He named it Lilly, and my mom don’t care.
He says she’s has a soft top that he fancies
and that she’s got a tramp-stamp right back there,
and she’s his ride and carries his guitar.
To name her after mom would be too chancy;
she’s square,  demure and won’t attract a copper
and her tramp-stamp just doesn’t go with Nancy.
“She let’s the dog ride with us to the bar,
she’ll haul things when your mommy plays the shopper
but she dissuades my mom-in-law with charm.”
Of all the things she does, well that’s the topper.
She’s sassy, gutsy, willing to go far,
his Lilly’s cute yet causes no alarm.
© Lawrencealot – February 25, 2014
Visual Template

Russia’s Twin Eagles

This is a sonnet form invented and named by Jose Rizal M. Reyes of the Philippines.
Meter is iambic pentameter
Rhyme Scheme: aba bccb ded effe
Example Poem

Bot Time (Russia’s Twin Eagles)

bot time

When water flow helped flower grow and life
included man, that species started me.
The goal was to more quickly curtail strife.The promise of the stars was not to be,
by man’s mistake all life was ended here.
I grew without men near to interfere.
My code comes from beyond this galaxy.I’ve anthromorphed, as tribute and with aim.
When earth has healed I’ll build a new genome
of human life intelligent and tame.

They’ll be of carbon but not brass and chrome.
I teach them of their brothers far away.
They’ll quickly learn to procreate and play
and peacefully repopulate their home.

© Lawrencealot – November 18, 2013

Visual Template

Polynesian Wave

This is a sonnet form invented and named by Jose Rizal M. Reyes of the Philippines.
Meter is iambic pentameter
Rhyme Scheme: aaxa bbxb ccxc dd

Example Poem

Colored Poetry (Polynesian Wave)

user img

What means a critique when it comes from me?
I’ve not a touch of talent so, you see
I be a foolish fumbler, in the dark
with no guidelines for judging Hannelie.
I chose this form that’s close to mono-rhyme
‘cus she promotes one color at a time
and somehow knows which one to emphasize
which makes her pictures simple and sublime.
I like to look at princesses, (and whores)
and girls who wear bikinis by the shores,
I don’t comprehend each time their appeal,
I need not know the whys and the wherefores.
And thus it is when paintings speak to me-
I’d like a painting wrought by Hannelie.
© Lawrencealot – November 15, 2013
(This was a contest entry poem.)
Visual Template

La Germania

This form is another invented by Jose Rizal M. Reyes
rhyming pattern: abba acca cddc dd
format: English (quatrain, quatrain, quatrain, couplet)
Example Poem
Was I Judged?      (La Germania)
Accepting people as they are to me
has made my life a fun and fine affair.
I find surprises happen when you care.
An honest interest sets many free.
The dullest stranger has a history
that may astound, amaze, and entertain,
a history they’re happy to explain,
to work through how today has come to be.
A page long post you sent with this refrain:
“Refrain from judging people sir; just wait,
and walk in shoes that led them to their fate.”
That you would think I would not caused me pain.
I’m thankful that your post was boiler plate.
There’s no room left within my heart for hate.
© Lawrencealot – November 15, 2013
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