Miltonic Sonnet

The Miltonic Sonnet is:
a quatorzain, enjambment is used to tighten the sonnet,
leaving the 14 lines unbroken by stanzas.
metered, iambic pentameter
rhymed, uses the Petrarchan rhyme scheme abbaabbacdecde.
pivot evolves slowly after L8, or does not,
composed around the themes of moral issues and political insights.Example Poem:Arrogance

The arrogance some wear is but a cloak.
A garment of disdain. Quality men
are known by deeds alone. No smirks and then
derisive sneers or swipes at other folk.
For arrogant, what do they shield? A joke?
Was some success so fine and rare that when
it happened it felt like a big amen?
They must now remind self they shed their yoke?
Is arrogance the aegis of their scute?
I fathom no reward or pleasure gained
from haughtiness itself. If not a source
Of cheer then it’s protection, resolute.
Abide their snideness, smile and stay your course
They belittle none… Worth is absolute.

(c) Lawrencealot – April, 2012

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