Storm Sonnet

This is a sonnet form created by Mark A. Whittington-Buckley, aka Stormy22 on Allpoetry.
This is a stanzaic sonnet consisting of 3 quatrains and a couplet
The rhyme pattern is abccdeffghiijj
It is normally written in iambic pentameter
But the poet may choose trochaic , (the poet may also choose to pen in tetrameter)
The volta or turn is to occur at or following line 9.Example Poem

We’ve Been Big-Bangwashed (Storm Sonnet )

When theories become so manifest
To question is to don the dunces cap,
the cliques and guilds are apt to take offense
at any view, to them not making sense.

Advanced math models beyond reason’s realm
with black unknowns “prove” model is correct.
The Big old Bang promoted as though law
is theory, and now we’ve found a flaw.

When Hubble posited the universe
expands, deduce from Doppler measurements
now known to scientists as the red-shift
it “proved” the model was their greatest gift.

But now clear thinking folks have found indeed,
that other forces add to red-shift speed.

© Lawrencealot – February 24, 2012

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