Tory Hexatet Sonnet

This is a sonnet form created byVictoria Sutton aka PassionsPromise
and name by Larry Eberhart, aka Lawrencealot

Octet + couplet + quatrain
ababcdcd ee ffgg 
first eight lines, 12 syllables,
couplet- eight syllables-
last four lines, 12 syllables
14 lines total, rhyme scheme and syllable count showed above.
the couplet, being the “changing point” -makes a direct statement and
could be read by itself-
ex.  when the mind becomes a tight rope
heartfelt dreams fall from lack of hope.
Turning point is optional.

Example poems:

Just Makin’ Hay

Three guys wouldn’t touch me until I turned eight-teen.
Although my virgin license long ago expired.
The young bucks were delighted with a teeny queen.
The mature men I seek deem legal age required.
Yesterday, I told the young pups to all get lost.
They can find another or handle it by hand.
I’m only doing men now who can bear the cost.
With my young age and figure, much I can command.

“Do while time bides your very whim.
Shine.  Don’t put your life-lights on dim.”

I figure five years dishing sex and lust and praise.
will adequately prepare me for courting days.
I’ll write, and go to school and date without tensions
that I’m confronting as youth with my dimensions.

This is a Parody of Just Another Day
by PassionsPromise

I have copied the poem below for you convenience

Just Another Day

Thanks to those who remembered June 16, the day
I was born in Ft. Hood Texas, for all to see.
This life, one hell of a journey, burning away
all that was held close to the heart and soul of me.
Yesterday, I watched the day roll by, many tears
shed as faces without distinction waved their hand.
There were no birthday candles, no white cake, just fears
who is who and what is what, a heavy demand
“when the mind becomes a tight rope
heartfelt dreams fall from lack of hope…”
Just wishing the stars carried more power and praise
to strengthen this worn woman through demanding days.
Yet, one more year has come and gone, you remembered
the love of Tory before life had her dismembered.


Visual Template

Slide Sonnet

The Slide Sonnet is created be Victoria Sutton aka “PassionsPromise.”  
Like most sonnets, it has 14 lines. 
It is composed with eight syllables to each line. 
The first half of the first line of each stanza “slides” 
to the last half of the third line, 
creating a unique poetic repetition.  
The rhyme scheme may be “aabb ccdd eeff gg” 
or “abab cdcd efef gg” or abba cddc effe gg”
Tell Me of Your Anger in Whispers (Slide Sonnet)
If you should speak in anger, dear, 
first speak where only you can hear 
then speak softly if you should speak 
Good results come from this technique. 
If meaning’s clear, is message fair? 
Are words intended to repair, 
if so, they will if meaning’s clear 
for your goals are mine too my dear.
The words can wait, while anger cools 
and then converse when reason rules. 
I will be here, the words can wait.
You views I will appreciate. 
Use whispers closely late tonight. 
And honey I will make it right. 
aabb ccdd eeff gg  or abab cdcd efef gg or abba cddc effe gg
Visual Template:

Passion Sonnet

The Passion Sonnet, created by  Victoria Sutton, aka, PassionsPromise,
is composed using the rhyme scheme of the traditional Shakesperian sonnet  but lines 1 and line 3 form the closing couplet and line 4 acts as a refrain line.
Ideally composed in iambic pentameter or decasyllabic lines.

Rhyme Scheme
A1 b A2 B
b c B c
B d b d
A1 A2

Example Poem:

Tell Me of Your Anger in Whispers (Passion Sonnet)

Oops Wait! Don’t speak out in anger now dear.
I want to be receptive not hostile.
Instead come close and whisper in my ear
for whispers naturally make me smile.

If anger boils now dear, just wait a while
then hold me and whisper andbe amazed.
for whispers naturally make me smile.
All your concerns will quickly be appraised.

for whispers naturally make me smile.
and angry is not how I prefer you.
Just state what you need without any guile.
and it will be yours quite before we’re through.

Oops Wait! Don’t speak out in anger now dear.
Instead come close and whisper in my ear.

Visual Template:


Cross Sonnet

The Cross Sonnet was created by  Victoria Sutton aka “PassionsPromise.”
It is composed with eight syllables to each line.
The first four syllable of line #1, becomes the last four syllables of Line #4
in each of the quatrains.
The rhyme scheme may be aabb ccdd eeff gg or abab cdcd efef gg

Sample Poem:

Yes Virginia, There Is (Cross Sonnet)

I love you though you believe not.
Your demons say that love is naught
Your reality cries out, “No,
you don’t love me”; I love you though.

Your wounds are deep and I can’t aid
because your past makes you afraid
I’ll make promises I’ll not keep.
You reject all; your wounds are deep

It just piles on when trust is gone.
When every out-reach seems a con
Twilight denies there’s any dawn.
I can not help; It just piles on

Yet from the stars, way past the moon.
will flow a tranquil peace real soon.

Visual Template: