Tuckerman’s Sonnet

Tuckerman’s Sonnet – abbabcab adeced
or abbabcba bdeced

Example Poem:
Tell Me of Your Anger in Whispers (Tuckerman Sonnet)
A silence is most fine thing when irate.
I’ll want to help resolve most any plight.
If I have blundered then I’ll be contrite.
Emotions can cause words to over state
But calm approaches help keep troubles slight.
Attack invokes defense without much thought.
It’s wise of you my dear, therefore, to wait,
We want to solve a problem, not to fight.
With cause to pause and think, I shall relate.
So hold those words for later; don’t despair
for now. Wait ’til your anger can abate.
Use dulcet tones to reap the goal now sought.
I’ll listen, think, and I’ll appreciate.
Speak whispers, lying close- and I’ll be caught.
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