Glorionic Sonnet

The Glorionic Sonnet is an invented sonnet form inspired by the writing of John Milton. This is a contest form which has been used by many workshops. Introduced by Gloria Martin in 1976 and found in The Study and Writing of Poetry; American Women Poets Discuss Their Craft, 1983.
The Glorionic Sonnet is:
– a quatorzain made up of an octave and a sestet.
– metric, iambic pentameter.
– rhymed, aabbbccc ddedee.
– composed with the pivot in the declamatory end couplet.

Example Poem:

Stink Outside the Box        (Glorionic Sonnet)

A frequent gas from Fred, who is a Fed,
with flatulence has brought things to a head.
His supervisor’s getting many calls
from other workers up and down the halls
of stink and paint now peeling off the walls.
There’s no report of rumbling says the bunch,
but only smells to make them lose their lunch.
A reprimand won’t work, I have a hunch.

A hostile work environment exists;
it will while his condition still persists.
Here’s where compromises tried are bound to fail,
and everybody there is getting pissed.
So folks will not go postal- he must bail.
The feds should let poor Fred deliver mail.

© Lawrencealot – December 22, 2012

Visual Template:


Germanic Caudated Sonnet

This a form of the super sonnet class invented by
Jose Rizal M. Reyes on June 9, 2009 This is a triple tailed sonnet
abba bccb cddc dd / dee dff dgg
3 quatrains + couplet + 3 tercets
natural place for the volta is line 13, but poet may choose.
Example poem:
Envy then Punish the Rich      (Germanic Caudated Sonnet)
In every age some chosen few have ruled
despite the form of government in place.
Laws are the tools that often bring disgrace
Eventually when power’s overruled.

Entrusted senators, to win their race
now tell the public what it wants to hear.
Views shared with some are hushed, but its clear
your wants  will yield to those more highly placed.

Rich men can fund campaigns and make appear
Innumerable chances to obtain
considerable wealth with little pain.
Handshake contracts let fairness disappear.

Indeed we viewed the scoundrels with disdain 
no doubt, but set our course to our own gain.

Occupy Wall street  meant that one would train
until they could perform those jobs that paid
real bucks for successful decisions made.

Some joined those rich, and walked in their terrain
and moved their family’s fortunes up a rung,
denouncing whining as song to be sung.
Alas our masses want the rich contained;
government must now give punishment to those
employers rising in the path they chose.
© Lawrencealot December 1, 2012 
It happens that this poem is also an acrostic sonnet.
Visual template: