Betwixt Sonnet

Friday, October 12, 2012
5:28 PM

This form was invented for Sonnet 1327 by
Jose Rizal M. Reyes, of February 26, 2009
format: English (3 quad trains plus a couplet)
rhyming pattern: abba cbbc dbbd bb
IT was named the Betwixt Sonnet on November 13, 2012
by Lawrencealot until I hear otherwise from the ‘Fair youth”

Accidental Me               ( Betwixt Sonnet )
The chances of becoming you were small.
Your mother might have never said okay,
when first she met your father that one day.
Another beau might then have won the call.
The mating might have some how been postponed
or hurried by just seconds either way,
ejaculate could have been washed away,
or killed by spermicide your momma owned.
A simple cough that nudged the winning sperm
decided you’d be who you are today.
But certainly you are your dossier
so fill it up and never act infirm.
The game is being played out everyday
and as for me I find it fun to play.
Lawrencealot – November 13, 2012
Visual Template:

Asean Royal Flush Sonnet

Asean Sonnet is simply an Italian sonnet in mono-rhyme.
Invented by Jose Rizal M. Reyes

The Asean Sonnet is:

a quatorzain made up of an octave followed by a sestet.
metric, iambic pentameter.
mono-rhymed, aaaaaaaa aaaaaa.
turned on the 9th line.

Example Sonnet

Tell Me of Your Anger in Whispers (Asean Sonnet)

Don’t speak in anger or when you’re uptight.
At those times one’s words overly excite
and seem to others as an undue sleight.
A harsh phrase once set verbally in flight
can’t be recalled and must and will alight
and like a flaming arrow, may ignite.
Instead of curing such words will incite
and distance the solution to your plight.
If I have blundered then I’ll be contrite.
But calm approaches help make troubles slight.
We want to solve a problem, not to fight.
Now here’s the perfect way to do this right.
My love, use whispers closely late tonight.
I love you dearly; I will make it right.
(c) Lawrencealot – October 8, 2012

Arabian Sonnet

A quatorzain made up of 2 quatrains + 2 tercets.
metric, iambic pentameter.
rhymed, aaaa bbbb ccc ddd.
Volta on the 9th line.

Sample Poem:

Tell Me of Your Anger in Whispers (Arabian Sonnet)

A silence is most fine thing when irate.
It’s wise of you my dear, therefore, to wait,
re-think the message goal and contemplate
how goals are reached when embraced by your mate.

If my own blunder may have made you mad
a defensive re tort might well be bad
when thoughtful comment ought to now be had.
Let’s frame discussion so to make you glad.

Perhaps, the words should simply disappear.
Unleashed, harsh words will travel like a spear.
Use calm and dulcet tones I love to hear.

We want to solve a problem, not to fight.
My love, use whispers closely late tonight.
I love you dearly; I will make it right.

© Larry Eberhart, aka Lawrencealot

Visual Template


American Forte

 Invented by Jose Rizal M. Reyes of the Philippines
Iambic Petameter
Three Quatrains + Ending couplet
Rhyme Scheme: abab bbcc cdcd dd
 Associated form: American Libra = abab bbcc cdcd ee

Example Poem
Lead and Follow  (American Forte Sonnet)
Just follow your individual quest.
Pursue what stimulates your mind and soul.
When you’ve done jobs with care, and done your beat
That’s all that counts and that’s your only role.
Compare not yourself; other’s have their goal,
which may not seem in synch, in part or whole.
You need not better any one, but need
to do your very best, then you succeed.
You may have skills enabling you to lead.
That leadership is not the goal, you see.
But if you can help others when they need
a guide, you just help building their esprit.
Where you should follow, don’t compete; be free
to play roles that enhance in small degree.
© Lawrencealot   Oct.16, 2012