Visser Sonnet

I am exceptionally glad to add this Sonnet form to my list.
Insofar, as I know it is the only sonnet form to be created by one of the States’ Poet Laureates.

Visser Sonnet – Internal rhyme only
Octet + Sestet
-Usually Iambic Pentameter
Rhyme scheme (internal only)    abbaabba cdecde
Originated by Audrae Visser,
Poet laureate of S. Dakota, 1974-2001

I found no specific column mandated for the internal rhyme
Apparently Volta is up to the poet.

Example Poem:
With Hidden Rhyme     (Visser Sonnet)

A Visser Sonnet may be hard to find,
or recognize when you do, for the rhyme
is hidden from your view except when read
aloud, then it will play.  It’s internal
and nicely tucked away inside each line.
It could be blank verse too, if iams rule,
for while that form if true, denies end-rhyme
it’s mute about the way one  acts inside.

Yet Visser earned our praise as she was South
Dakota’s poet queen- well, laureate,
the only one of such to make this mark.
Let us our glasses raise in toast and write
a sonnet now to bring this latent form
to life and add a touch of difference.

© Lawrencealot – November 2, 2012

Visual Template:

Pope John XXIII Sonnet

2 quatrains + couplet + quatrain
Generally Iambic Pentameter
Would lend itself well to Tetrameter
Volta Optional
2 Quatrains + Couplet+ Quatrain
Rhyme scheme: aaaa bbbb cc dddd
This is a form invented by Jose Rizal M. Reyes of the Philippines

Example Poem:

Papacy Pleasing Poetry      (Pope John XXIII Sonnet)

Now Jose’ chose to honor previous Pope,
by naming sonnet form with which to cope
when writing of some warm religious hope.
Oh, I expect you might expand its scope.

A pro-abortion poem ought not use
this form.  There are so many more to choose.
But satirists we know like to bemuse,
abuse, confuse and thereby, yes amuse.

The mono-rhyme will lend itself to play
with poems that are light and mainly gay.

Now since the Pope spread happiness and light,
this form can help you do so when you write.
Composed in tetrameter you just might
Deliver verse written to recite.

(c) Lawrencealot – October 31, 2012
Visual Template: