Chivalric Sonnet

Rhyme scheme – xaxa xbxb xcxc dd

Invented by  Jose Rizal M. Reyes of the Philippines
Standard sonnet convetions
Example Poem:
Tell Me of Your Anger in Whispers  (Chivalric Sonnet)
Should you be moved to speak in anger, dear,
I ask that first you test your words alone.
You’ll want to moderate the emotion
if anger stems from blunder of my own.
I’ll be a thoughtful listener when calm.
There’s nothing risked delaying words that grate.
Perhaps, the words should simply disappear
for now, until your anger can abate.
If I have blundered, I will be contrite.
So hold those words for later; don’t despair
A resolution we will find that works.
I’ll listen to your words- you know I’m fair.
My love, use whispers closely late tonight.
I love you dearly; I will make it right.
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