Refrained Sonnet

The Refrained Sonnet- an Italian sonnet with a twist created by Lisa Morris writing on Allpoetry as Streambed.

This is a modified Italian Sonnet.

Metric: Iambic pentameter.
Rhyme Scheme: abba cbbc dbbd bb
Refrain: The first four syllables of line one, are repeated in lines 5 and 9.
The fourth syllable of the refrain establishes the b-rhyme.

Here is Lisa’s first example.

I Did Not Go

I did not go with thoughts of turning back;
regret is something I so little know,
though now green fields lay spread with loss’ snow,
I still take joy in leaving my boot-tracks.

I did not go because I hoped he’d change,
or more, to watch another flower blow;
I find new blooms all places that I sow;
I need not leave my footpath, or its range.

I did not go to only come again;
the stars above are hopeful in their glow
because I fled his murky undertow
and found myself, and God, and better men.
But if he calls for me in words sweet, low,
please tell him I’ve forgotten all, and grow.

My Example

The Electric Universe

If it is true from naught that something came
that opens up a metaphysics view,
but leaves us still without a single clue
from whence that something started just the same.

If it is true there once was a big pop,
that in a picosecond somehow grew
the stuff for zinc, and shale, and caribou
then must one wonder what might make it stop.

If it is true a steady state exists,
(and I’m inclined to think that that is true),
and gravity is not the only glue
that drives the order, which so far, persists
electric forces must receive their due;
and we’ve no way to guess when they’ll be through.

Lawrence Eberhart @ October, 2017

Here is a Visual Template

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