Tiara of Sonnets

Here you will find a recently developed sonnet form.  It was conceptualized and created in 2014 by Kenn J. Henry, writing on Allpoetry.com as Ddoubletake.

Its structure is a Crown of Sonnets*, followed by a Reprise, consisting of Lines 1 and 5 from each of those seven sonnets, and is itself a sonnet.

Shorter than a Heroic Sonnet Crown, but just slightly more challenging (IMO) because there is less flexibility in the construction, and because by necessity of the heroic couplet of the master sonnet, the rhyme scheme of sonnet number 7 is restricted to having the first two quatrains have the same rhyme scheme (abab abab, rather than abab cdcd ).

*A crown of sonnets is effectively seven sonnets, linked by a common theme, with the last line of each sonnet being the starting line for the next. The first line of the first sonnet should also be the last line of the seventh.

A Fool from IndianaFirst published on Allpoetry by Kenn J.  Henry, writing as Ddoubletake.  2017
DénouementFirst published on Allpoetry by Deb Blondell-Pitt writing as dblon.
Dreams of FlightFirst published on Allpoetry by Kenn J.  Henry, writing as Ddoubletake.  2014
Narcissist in ChargeFirst published here by Lawrence R Eberhart, 10/4/2017
Rainbow Tiara a Tale of CreationFirst published on Allpoetry by FrenchGirl, November 2017
Your Fingers Wrote a Sonnet on My ThighsFirst published on Allpoetry by Virinia Archer.


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