Featured Poets and Collections

Poets Collective Multisite Network is a wide stage, with winding corridors and cozy corners behind the main curtain. Page One sets you on an ever growing journey through outstanding contemporary poetry, and the links below will lead you to some of the side trails. Each subsite has its own search bar unless otherwise noted and the Poets Collective navigation bar will bring you back to the main entrance.

Consuming Fire

David L. Hatton brings a fresh perspective of biblical proportions in this intricately woven heroic crown of sonnets.

Every Sonnet and Poetry Forms

These sites represent years of painstaking effort by the tirelessly generous Larry Eberhart to compile an archive of all known variations of form with parameters and examples for each as a gift to the online poetry community.

Flight of Fancy

Frank Halliwell leads an unforgettable rhyming tour through some well known classic poems.

Hungry Eyes

Kenneth Henry’s epic rhyming recap of Charlie Chaplin’s “City Lights”.

Poets in Profile

Some of our favorites from decades of web-wandering:
Mary Boren | Duane Dodson | Susanne DonoghueRoger Dorey | Susan Eckenrode | Laryalee Fraser | Denise Gurran | Frank HalliwellEric Linden | Mike Porter | Charlie Rankin | Peter Smallwood | Dennis Turner | Mark Vincent | Joy Watson 

Poets at Peace

Deceased poet friends whose words still ring clearly. Links except those marked with an asterisk will open in a new window. These sites were built prior to 2004 and, though housed on the Poets Collective domain, are not searchable in connection with our multi-site network.
John T. Baker | Ray Gessler | Denise Gurran* | Laryalee Frazer* | Robert Kogan | Judie Peet | John Pickersgill | Don Tidwell

Best of Bytes

The newest collection in the Poets Collective stable is actually drawn from the oldest in the Mary (Sullivan) Boren archive as it revisits the fun of hanging out with Bubba ‘n’ Willie ‘n’ the Boys (and Girls!) at her original website, TenderBytes.Net, back in the mid-1990s.

Public Domain Classics

A few of the poems referenced in various posts throughout our multi-site network.