She strides across the paddock,
steely purpose in her eyes,
Surveying likely spots
with the detachment of the wise.
The coming decision will surely be
the most vital of the day,
No mundane things will be allowed
to stand in nature’s way.

She approaches her task as one possessed
with total dedication,
Aware of responsibility
for the future of the nation.
There can be nothing casual
In this meticulous inspection,
To gather relevant data
for the soil content correction.

‘This seems the correct size and shape,
and texture, scent and feel.
I’ll give this bit a little nudge,
to make sure that it’s real.
I’d say it needs a trifle more,
just up there to the right,
And maybe to the east a bit,
but I’ll do that to-night’.

The barren soil awaits renewal,
quiet, unafraid.
At last, she takes three steps ahead
with the decision made,
And with her tail held high and straight,
in somber salutation,
she makes todays deposit
to the rebirth of the nation.

And then, and only then,
her patriotic duty done.
She returns to join the other donkeys,
grazing in the sun.