Today I’ll Go Sailing

Today I’ll go sailing!

I’ll forego the worldly news detailing onshore wars,
or relating crimes while negating compassion —
I’ll refashion my rudder and trim my sails
and head out to sea where the whales
are conversing in language I understand.

Today I’ll go sailing!
I’ll ignore the wailing of misfortune’s
reverie or the too free ignorance
of those that could breathe life.
Life that rises at dawn and shadows
the day –or waits in the silence
for predisposition of dream recognition
to pave one’s way clear with an incentive scheme.

Today I’ll go sailing!
I’ll fill my lungs with the breath of the gods
and leave at odds those that don’t agree,
for what is the good of bad company
or folks that just wander bereft?
I’ll exit stage left for my part’s been said
and today I’m ready to sail instead!

I’ll seek, so to speak, the current transparent
and hear the voices sublime,
my transcriber will trail as I sail
through time then turn a blind eye
to what lingers behind.
I’ve made up my mind …

Today I’ll go sailing!

My Joy With Mother Nature

I felt her touch caressing me
As I walked barefoot by the sea
She shared a gentle potpourri
Of beach delights —
And I would note how much that she
Awoke insights!

I’ve also noticed when it rains
Her gentleness arouses veins
Her sense of soft so oft’ remains
After the storm —
I sate the joy my mind retains
Of her life form!

She whispers thoughts I can’t forget
I feel I’m always in her debt
To me she is a soothing bet
Like lullaby —
I’ll not deny she’s with me yet
As days go by!

So I Will Not Forget

Suppose repose could just take flight
And soar to where the stars share sight
Then breathe some life into this heart
So when dawn breaks I’ll wake fresh start —
So I will not forget!

Suppose I chose to re-compose
The songs of life that oft’ transpose
And take my mind to far beyond
Then double back to correspond —
So I will not forget!

Suppose re-pose could wear new mask
Send eyes to sea where soul can bask
And in that depth find peace austere
To lift my mortal veil of fear —
So I will not forget!

Suppose what flows – flows all alone
Yet knows the strength of mind and home
And where that fountain grants me youth
There’s love for life and love in truth
So I will not forget!

Suppose when I repose at last
I find you standing there first class
And all that’s passed defies devout
Beyond the height –beyond all doubt.
So I will not forget!

White Winter Whine

Perhaps we may appear to you a photograph of bliss
But standing here in winter dress, those warmer climes we miss.
It seems to me that greener grass is where I’d long to be
Instead of crowded on this road with frosty air to breathe.

When dreadful days of graying skies come ominous and slow,
My weary arms, I feel, will break when burdened with this snow.
While in the south, trees breathe warm winds and whisper all night long
We stand the brunt of winds that wail a woeful winter song.

I long to be a southern palm that gazes at blue seas,
Where weather comes in phases that are more like summer breeze.
Then I would be content to show and I’d no longer whine,
Sweet blossom scents could drift about and stars could clearly shine.

Perhaps you think it strange of me to have these wishful dreams
But then again, perhaps like me you care not for extremes,
For spring and summer, autumn too bring pleasure to this road
And comfort to this growing Pine, without this weighty load.

Fried Frog Legs & Fair-Weather Friends

A child of six is out of touch
With rules of love and war —
But I can say that I learned much
About what I’d stand for!
While I was best at tether ball
Those games would prove no help at all
Fair-weather friends would not enthrall
And I’d be on my own!

Then came the day, by monkey bars,
The quiet boy from class
He offered me the moon and stars
And not some childish sass!
I soon was hooked on gentle ways
And looking for more of those days …
I’d have to say, “My first-love phase!”
How quickly I had grown!

Fried frog legs were his special treat
And ones we often shared;
His spare time spent in gigging meat
So I could see he cared.
And looking back I now can see
It was a special time for me
A boy that offered love for free,
Would never be alone!

The Captain’s Wife

O’ the opal and the sapphire of that wandering western sea
Will never, ever take the place of island jewels for me.
Where ocean pearls grace turquoise bays and crystal-clear lagoons
I know you’d find me anchored there for endless afternoons.

Let diamonds shine from endless waves, my mind could wander wide,
While cobalt blue wed turquoise green with ev’ry changing tide,
And Caribbean blue was free to mirror passing days —
All tonic for what ailed my soul and cure-all for old ways.

Where neon lights drink up the dark and cars eat up the street,
It’s then I long for island life and tropical retreat,
Let rainbows beam from opal stars in tropical delight
And I could mine them from the sea as my religious right.

Let the spell of golden sunshine laying on a golden sea,
Or the lure of ruby sunsets wake the wanderer in me ~
I am a miner’s daughter and those gems incite my soul,
And I know they shine the brightest by the shores of an atoll!

Our Widow’s Walk

It seems our breath for life is losing steam
And you may note the withering of acts –
It seems we’re now content to just daydream
Without the need to question missing facts!
We traveled well and share old memories
Those photographs, now faded, help remind
O’er time we watched with changing energies
And knew the face of fate was veiled behind.
The valentines of yesteryears foregone
Like lovers of the past who drift dark skies
And you and I still here to travel on
To where lost loves will take us by surprise!
     We are the widows on that trail of years
     Our friendship is the love that perseveres.

Ode to Clarity

Clarity is a natural gift
The scene of seen, clear sense of soul
A living dream when spirit shift

Takes full control.

How oft I wish for vision’s hand
And strive to find the soft of sound
I know they’re found,  oft’ times unplanned

To flow unbound.

Welcome the sight of clearing skies
Where, oft-blown, smoke pervades your mind
And chokes the life from anxious eyes

That seek refined.

Nature’s native tongue shares clear
In song of birds or rolling seas
It’s all about a wild frontier

That serves to tease.

Please let me live that sense of peace
That comes when life presents the pure
Where clarity does not decrease

Nor thoughts detour!

Time Passages

As Summer nights began to shroud
day-dreaming minds of children wowed,
and Autumn twines her changing cloud
to taunt and tease –
the ease of sharing pure and proud
seeks sure appease.

As fairer friends slip in and out,
routine lays path, paves Winter’s drought,
yet still that wrath, inured by stout
will recollect –
then set a course to stave off doubt
and reconnect.

Old friends are those, that after years
turn back the time on well-worn fears
and then remind our eyes and ears
of warmer ways –
when love roamed free in fast frontiers
then turned a phrase.

Old friends must come with no regret,
expose, unfold in retrospect
stroll byways old – with care – reflect
that legacy … ..

And those that dare, troll with me yet
in prophecy … …


Suppose I chose to satisfy your mind
As a good friend would always try to do,
Then standing in the shadows undefined
I’d note the things that you define as true.
Since windows of your heart let in the sun,
For all it’s worth my sonnet’s now begun!

If intellect respects intelligence
A mindful muse must never share pretense.

Before we know what sins that sorrows share
It’s wise to note what moves one’s heart to sing,
Lest all the good that goodness came to bare
Is nullified when I’m misunderstood!
To satisfy another’s need for love –
You first must understand what they’ve withstood.