Fried Frog Legs & Fair-Weather Friends

A child of six is out of touch
With rules of love and war —
But I can say that I learned much
About what I’d stand for!
While I was best at tether ball
Those games would prove no help at all
Fair-weather friends would not enthrall
And I’d be on my own!

Then came the day, by monkey bars,
The quiet boy from class
He offered me the moon and stars
And not some childish sass!
I soon was hooked on gentle ways
And looking for more of those days …
I’d have to say, “My first-love phase!”
How quickly I had grown!

Fried frog legs were his special treat
And ones we often shared;
His spare time spent in gigging meat
So I could see he cared.
And looking back I now can see
It was a special time for me
A boy that offered love for free,
Would never be alone!