The Captain’s Wife

O’ the opal and the sapphire of that wandering western sea
Will never, ever take the place of island jewels for me.
Where ocean pearls grace turquoise bays and crystal-clear lagoons
I know you’d find me anchored there for endless afternoons.

Let diamonds shine from endless waves, my mind could wander wide,
While cobalt blue wed turquoise green with ev’ry changing tide,
And Caribbean blue was free to mirror passing days —
All tonic for what ailed my soul and cure-all for old ways.

Where neon lights drink up the dark and cars eat up the street,
It’s then I long for island life and tropical retreat,
Let rainbows beam from opal stars in tropical delight
And I could mine them from the sea as my religious right.

Let the spell of golden sunshine laying on a golden sea,
Or the lure of ruby sunsets wake the wanderer in me ~
I am a miner’s daughter and those gems incite my soul,
And I know they shine the brightest by the shores of an atoll!