Today I’ll Go Sailing

Today I’ll go sailing!

I’ll forego the worldly news detailing onshore wars,
or relating crimes while negating compassion —
I’ll refashion my rudder and trim my sails
and head out to sea where the whales
are conversing in language I understand.

Today I’ll go sailing!
I’ll ignore the wailing of misfortune’s
reverie or the too free ignorance
of those that could breathe life.
Life that rises at dawn and shadows
the day –or waits in the silence
for predisposition of dream recognition
to pave one’s way clear with an incentive scheme.

Today I’ll go sailing!
I’ll fill my lungs with the breath of the gods
and leave at odds those that don’t agree,
for what is the good of bad company
or folks that just wander bereft?
I’ll exit stage left for my part’s been said
and today I’m ready to sail instead!

I’ll seek, so to speak, the current transparent
and hear the voices sublime,
my transcriber will trail as I sail
through time then turn a blind eye
to what lingers behind.
I’ve made up my mind …

Today I’ll go sailing!