Rainbows Within Us

Color’s not a substance, it’s a process:
the way our brains identify the light.
Light consists of energy that travels…
our neurons scan and label it on sight.

Each flower, rock and person is reflecting
varied lengths of radiating threads;
the shorter rays are violet (not purple),
longer ones are brighter shades of red.

Black retains its total saturation,
absorbing all the light that it receives;
white returns the colors of the spectrum,
but individual hues are not perceived.

Light enters through the keyhole of our pupil
and splats against the retina wall behind,
where tiny rods and cones define the message,
then send it zipping onward to our mind.

And that’s where rainbows form — they’re right inside us;
our brain outlines their arch of pulsing hues.
So ponder now… does color have existence?
Or is it merely someone’s point of view?