Visit to Grandma’s

She waits for the moment — at last they’ve arrived!
Through tumbles of laughter, each one gets a hug;
fresh cookies are ready, the little ones squeal
as bundles spill out on the living room rug.

Their warm recollections and up-to-date news
are shared in a flurry; the house is aglow.
Then, “Grandma, a story?” The tucking-in joys
bring tender reminders of years long ago.

The hours spin by and she’s caught in the whirl;
but time’s now an enemy, schedules are tight.
Soon everyone’s leaving as kisses are blown,
surrounding the car till it fades from her sight.

She closes the door, slowly breathing the scents
of cookies and giggles that cling to the walls.
Then hollowness enters on little stone feet.
The armchair is waiting; the first teardrop falls.