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My interest in writing may ebb and flow, but I never tire of reading and discussing good poetry, and consider myself extremely fortunate in having a circle of online poet friends to keep that appetite fed. I learned to edit videos so I can help take some of their voice recordings to the next level. Here’s one of my own …

And even if you only read one poem on this site …


May You Be Blessed

An a cappella note in harmony
with universal consciousness can raise
its level of vibration. Through the haze
of negatives that strike a minor key,
two voices merging in a melody
ring crystalline. And in a thousand days
a billion blessings, amplified with praise,
crescendo in a world-wide symphony.

It’s not a pipe dream, pilgrim, it’s a plan.
A single willing heart can help create
a more inviting atmosphere on earth.
Our planet begs for healing, and we can
be instruments of love that resonate
in celebrating every person’s worth.

(cc) 2001 Mary Boren
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