Condescension’s mother is a calculating witch
and Laziness personified’s her father.
Sister’s turning tricks and little brother is a snitch.
They never share a meal at home. Why bother?

Life within a family that doesn’t know enough
to foster self-esteem in all its members
overshadows empathy and tact. Her manner’s gruff
because her tinder’s been reduced to embers.

Seeking affirmation in a loving human spark
to no avail extinguished childhood wishes,
left her feeling hopelessly inadequate — the mark
of naked fear … and Fearful can be vicious.

Cut the girl some slack — she’s only following a script,
commanding awe without regard for kindness.
Look behind the scenes; her false bravado armor’s chipped,
a mask of power propagating blindness.



2013 Mary Boren
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