Creation Speculation


In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. -Genesis 1:1
And the earth was without form, and void; … -Genesis 1:2a

I seldom reflect on the purpose of man.
It’s tempting to try, but unlikely we can
appease that insatiable yearning to know
if man came from cobwebs or, eons ago,
crawled out of the sea to become an air-breather.
(I’m reasonably certain that you don’t know either.)

We’ve too many gaps in our history banks—
too many examples of fill-in-the-blanks.
But sometimes for simple escape entertainment,
I ponder our source and our future arraignment
for answers known only to God, on a whim (?),
who gives us the freedom to second-guess Him.

If one would accept the Creation account
it isn’t surprising when misgivings mount.
Was Genesis, King James Edition, Verse One,
a project aborted when scarcely begun?
The gist of that metaphor, cryptic and terse,
leaves doubt on what happened before the next verse.

Did God the Almighty consider the norm
to fashion a world that was void, without form?
Or is it a picture of what Earth became
through some well-intentioned or spurious aim?
How often might voidness have happened before —
the planet laid waste by neglect, greed, or war?

Does mankind alone have the power to employ
an ultimate plot to completely destroy
the cosmic design, or does Earth orchestrate
a hidden agenda to regenerate?
To voices of doom I would humbly submit
that panic and blame never help things a bit.

As science provides us a means to an end
I’ll take it or leave it, it cannot transcend
the mystical truth that is written in stone:
Benevolent Universe cares for her own …
and as for the When and the How and the Why,
I’m glad She can handle them better than I.



1998 Mary Boren
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