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“No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.” -H. L. Mencken

Call me obsolete and, if you must,
set me on a shelf to gather dust,
clinging to my Pollyanna view.
Clearly, it does not appeal to you.

Nonetheless, I’m honored to be placed
on the side of decency and taste,
asking only one concession here:
Close my eyes and face me to the rear.

No one should be forced to spend their time
watching people glop around in slime,
wallowing in cutthroat attitude,
sinking ever lower into crude.

I cannot abide that kind of stuff.
Heaven knows, sometimes it’s hard enough
clinging to belief the world still holds
for the most part, kind and gentle souls.

Though it seems perception’s gone awry,
fundamental principles apply.
Healthy minds subsist on what they’re fed:
Garbage In spills Garbage Out ahead.


2000 Mary Boren
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