Gremlins & Goblins & Trolls, Oh No!

In the prevalent rage
of the digital age
to debate without logic or manners
be aware of the march
scheming under the arch
waving signs and political banners.

They’re a scurrilous lot
with a penchant to blot
Lady Liberty’s gains in the ether
as the poison they brew
stirred with spittle and spew
hits the platform that wobbles beneath her.

Social fabric will rip
from the zingers that zip
through each forum and blog in the cyber
til the populace learns
to ignore scum that churns
in a cauldron of fictional fiber.

If you want to survive
the incursions that thrive
on your ignorance, look to the sages.
Join the movement afoot
to see miscreants put
in the cages of history’s pages.



2019 Mary Boren
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