Monday Morning

I love you, Thomas Edison,
and all the saints before
or since who helped to bring
electric current to my door.

I’ve often yearned for simpler times.
Excuse me, I was wrong;
I’m very glad I wasn’t born
before you came along.

How quickly I forget when things
proceed without a hitch.
Hereafter, I will bless your name
each time I flip a switch.

I promise I will never fail
again to stop and think
each time I turn the tap to run
hot water in the sink.

When fiddling with the thermostat
or opening the freezer,
I’ll contemplate with gratitude
my lovely life of leisure.

Tomorrow when I wake up in
an air conditioned room,
I’ll say a silent thank you
for the wattage I consume.

I’ll ponder your invention
every day and every night,
and all the wonders you inspired
by turning on the light.

I’d like to send this accolade
by email with a shout
to everyone I know, but … damn …
the power just blinked out.



1996 Mary Boren
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