On the Head

I marvel at the creativity
employed in the design of you and me.
With brows for furrowing and cheeks for smiling,
or turning twice, we’re perfectly beguiling.

With eyes in front instead of looking back
we see the signs ahead, and soon the track
unfolds. The goal’s the walk/the destination,
not frequent stops for self-congratulation.

A neck that only swivels side to side
allows for easy friendships, but a guide
cannot rely on headwork to complete
a task involving heart and hands and feet.

With noses pointing up or out of joint
we’d never catch the scent or learn to point
a follower to higher, safer ground.
The noggin’s packed with purpose, pound for pound.

The master stroke, it seems to me, is ears
outnumbering the mouth. It thus appears
the maker spun the cloth and wove the threads
for listening. (Who needs more talking heads?)



2006 Mary Boren
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