Pie in the Sky

Heed the lesson of the puppets
pointing to the narrow path.
If you stoop to look it up, it’s
sure to summon righteous wrath.

“Here’s a book of rules to follow,
filled with proper Ps and Qs.
Should the practice leave you hollow,
double down on don’ts and dos.

“Jesus loves you, that’s a given,
as the bible clearly states.
If you want to go to heaven,
hate the people Jesus hates.

“Never drift beyond the margin—
hold your tongue and stifle wit.
Thus avoid the loser’s bargain
cast into the fiery pit.”

Thank you, no. I’ll take my chances,
trusting ’til my final bow
love in any circumstances.
Hell or Heaven’s HERE and NOW.

2021 Mary Boren
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Image: Girard Exhibit, Santa Fe Folk Art Museum