Who’s to Blame?


Though hindsight’s a convenient tool,
we surely can agree,
it’s never once succeeded in
averting tragedy.

Yet in the frenzied aftermath
of any senseless shame,
The public cry is ever quick
to ration guilt and blame.

With social outcasts, misfits, on
the surface looking calm,
the countdown’s always running on
a ticking human bomb.

Do you suppose we’d recognize
them in our neighborhood?
How many kids in classrooms fit
the profile now, or could?

With senses shocked beyond belief,
no words can help in numbing
the pain of loss, much less the cry
“You should have seen it coming.”



1999 Mary Boren
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He Said

It’s true, it was a rotten thing to do.
Apology accepted, though.  What’s more,
the deed has been forgotten. Still, the spore
of guilt proliferates.  The mirror’s cue,
a wagging finger, leads its retinue
of blame.  You keep reopening that door,
returning to the crime scene to implore
the pardon that’s been freely granted you.

Or is God’s promise only for the clean
and righteous soul?  Do you suppose his love
is rationed out in bits as case by case
is proven worthy?  Look behind the screen.
There isn’t anyone deserving of
forgiveness—that’s the miracle of grace.



2005 Mary Boren
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