Easy Does It

Easy does it when you try 
separating fact from fiction.
Remnants of a blatant lie 
justify an interdiction. 
Things are seldom what they seem; 
faith felt genuine, but was it? 
While arousing from a dream, 
easy does it.

In my childhood I believed 
truth’s as black and white as painted, 
unaware that few perceived 
shades of grey in sweetly sainted  
sentries of unripened minds.
Playing nice, I learned a smile could 
cover certainty that blinds, 
in my childhood.

Far above us, pundits pounce;
preachers prime the Sunday sermon.
Both are eager to denounce
scrutiny from lowly vermin.
Truth lies halfway through the mist
where denuded dogma hovers.
Yours and mine can coexist
far above us.


2014 Mary Boren
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