When the journey you envision
meets a flurry of derision
there’s no need for explanation or excuse.
In the time it takes to wonder
why the plan was torn asunder
you could make a better one for future use.

If the waterway is shifting
and your leaky raft is drifting
into troubled territory, tie a knot
in the tattered rope you’re holding,
for the channel that’s unfolding
could be leading you to passage on a yacht.

Though you’re calmly re-engaging
but the turbulence keeps raging
in a brouhaha that makes your spirit quake,
while you’re caught within the billow,
flex your body like a willow
and you’ll never have to nurse another break.


cc-by-nc-nd  2014

Water Wise


An eagle shrieks. A pair of fledglings flee
the bluff. It crumbles with a crashing force,
careening down the hill without remorse
or mercy. Racing boulders and debris
arrest the river’s rush. Transcendingly,
as if awaiting orders from its source,
the water halts, then takes an altered course,
regaining its momentum, snaking free.

Life, help me take a lesson from the flow
of undefeated waterways. Instead
of flailing in frustration on the brink
of interrupted progress, let me grow
in wisdom born of setbacks, gently led
and buoyed by providence before I sink.


cc-by-nc-nd  Mary Boren, 2002