Forgiveness is a Zephyr


(with apologies to Emily Dickinson)

Forgiveness is a zephyr
that stirs throughout the night
without a hint of turbulence
to snuff the candle’s light.

Its whisper softly beckons
when hearts are bitter cold
and only in the strongest grip
could fury breach its hold.

I’ve sensed its gentle nudging
in trench and storm-tossed sea,
and never has its promise failed
or disappointed me.



2014 Mary Boren
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Life’s a Gambol

“If you love something, set it free.” -Ancient Chinese Proverb

There’s a lot to be gained
when emotion’s unreined
and unsaddled, but why do you think
it’s repeatedly said
that a horse can be led
to the water but not made to drink?

Hedge your bets. Don’t ignore
all that mystical lore
on a four-footer’s freedom of will.
When enticing a colt
that’s determined to bolt,
make it easy. Be gentle. Be still.

Leave the gate open wide;
take the setbacks in stride
while he romps where the foliage is dense.
If he isn’t coerced
he might build up a thirst
and return through a hole in the fence.



2002 Mary Boren
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