Coming Around

The planet holds its orbit
while we all hang on and spin,
and everything that goes around
will come around again.

A smile, a friendly gesture,
simple acts of kindness shown
cannot be bought or hoarded —
they are placed with us on loan.

And so it is with hurtful words
that never disappear —
they roam the vastness over
seeking out their sender’s ear.

In unimagined future lives
as former selves, we meet
with clouded recognition
when the circle is complete.

Though some retreat in panic,
others face it with a grin
when everything that’s been around
comes back around again.



1999 Mary Boren
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I never bribed a judge;
I never killed a bird,
yet I have broken promises
and shot a poison word.

I never robbed a bank;
I never beat a kid,
yet I have stolen joie de vivre
and trampled where it hid.

Without an inner guide
to curb the karmic debt,
an overblown “I never would”
becomes an “I regret.”



2011 Mary Boren
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