Trading Faces

If you were me, you’d figure out
the best response to stomp-and-pout
is none at all. Predictably,
a burst of blather brought about
by hormones is a mystery
you’d figure out if you were me.

If I were you, I hope I’d try
to let the tempest saunter by.
Annoyed by thoughtless things I do,
I’d roll my eyes and heave a sigh,
then look at me with eyes anew.
I hope I’d try if I were you.

The sum of us is greater than
the formula for Woman/Man.
When halves are undivided, plus
the whole picks up where love began,
no difference is worth the fuss
or greater than the sum of us.



2012 Mary Boren
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There’s no degree of dominance
in hate or fear or guilt.
as each is fundamental in
the prison thinking built.

Beyond it is the vast unknown,
above it is the sky.
For me it sparks a sense of awe;
for others just a sigh.

Constructed of materials
that masquerade as strength,
it towers unassailably
approached by width or length.

Look closer! There’s a way around
or through, or simply this:
Tear down the wall that stands between
your yearnings and your bliss.



2007 Mary Boren
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What If?

If I were you and you were me
I wonder if our selves would be
as predisposed to this degree
of enmity, our enmity.

And if the pair of us should find
a union of divided mind,
together might we be inclined
to stay aligned? We’d stay aligned.

Soon everyone could be immersed
in friendship, evenly dispersed
across the globe with roles reversed:
Each other first, all others first.

Imagine such esprit de corps
resulting from two hearts’ rapport:
a world where selfishness and war
would be no more, would be no more.



Mary Boren, 2010
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