Style and Substance

(After A. B. ‘Banjo’ Paterson’s “Ambition and Art“)


I am the vessel that boldly glides
through seas uncharted,
lending a shape to the open sides
where craft is started.

Splitting the distance from east to west
in measured portions,
I ride the peripheral ocean crest
without distortions.

Tossed near the shore of Eternity
where dreams are thrashing,
I trust in the union of form and free
to keep from crashing.


Come to me under the stars and bring
your shining essence.
Nothing uncommonly bright takes wing
without your presence.

Whisper the secrets the angels tell
behind the curtain,
music and magic to gently quell
the lust for Certain.

Enlightenment voyages wispily,
its scent alluring,
bathed in the fathoms of mystery
that’s all enduring.



cc-by-nc-nd  2018 Mary Boren


Image from the public domain

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Life Without Poetry


I’d had enough of poetry,
I thought, to take a breather.
Six weeks, at least, not writing it
or, lately, reading either
would surely get my head on straight,
just like a normal person.
As weeks turn into months, I find
my mood begin to worsen.

Without a sonnet, jingle, or
an ode each day — a keeper —
the peaks of life are not as high;
its disappointments deeper.
The morning coffee’s not as fresh;
the eggs are pale and runny.
The music’s not as heavenly.
The jokes are not as funny.

The more I hurry past the call
of rhyme with rhythm in it,
the more my heart beats out of time;
off-balance every minute.
So give me back my daily versed
existence — one that measures
a steady stream to quench my thirst
and heighten other pleasures.


cc-by-nc-nd Mary Boren,  2002