Somebody Else’s Burden

The load that weighs you down with care
has sabotaged your inner peace;
its mass will steadily increase.

While staggering from here to there.
your steps are slowed, your back is bowed
because it isn’t yours to bear.

Cut loose and lovingly release
the load that weighs you down with care.


2018 Mary Boren
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Conjugating “Do”

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” ~ Henry Ford

Spout romantic rhetoric on visionary dreaming;
truth be told, unless you see it through, you’re only scheming.

Pitching your prospectuses to those who can’t afford ’em,
stall until the overseer quits or dies of boredom;

Any fool who plants a crop of hope in ground so shallow
spends a lifetime cleaning up from have dones lying fallow.

Never give a caring thought to those with trouble sleeping
counting empty promises you had no aim of keeping.

If you’re held accountable, protest their misconstruing
all your good intentions, though it’s clear what you are doing.

Find another gullible to give your plan some traction.
Fictional will do too often masquerades as action.



2006 Mary Boren
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