The No-see-’em Museum

I’ll set my feelings on a shelf and dust them every day,
instead of keeping to myself what’s always in my way.
With tempered glass to shield each board, I’ll string a fancy rope
across the aisle to hold the horde at bay. (Or so I hope.)

I’ll post a guard on either side and charge a hefty sum
to enter, then discreetly hide and watch the tourists come.
In front will hang a placard saying, “Look, but DO NOT TOUCH,
and anyone caught disobeying now owes twice as much.”

But what if I am left alone and no one wants to pay
the asking price to gaze upon Emotional Display?
I guess I’ll take the show with me while traipsing here and there,
and pass my feelings out for free to anyone who’d care.



1995 Mary Boren
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Pondering Pedigrees

Look at the puppy, he’s
testing his boundaries,
building momentum to hurdle the fence.

Once he was feeling tough,
thought he was  tall enough —
knocked himself silly and  hasn’t tried since.

Look at the baby that’s
kicking his cradle slats,
pushing the limits of practical truth.

Reaching maturity,
now he’s a worker bee
trapped by illusion, conditioned in youth.

Whether your pedigree’s mongrel or man,
soaring’s a matter of knowing you can.



2001 Mary Boren
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