In the Silence

In the silence, coexistence
overcomes innate resistance
to denials that evade
Spirit, while its masquerade
chases bodily subsistence.

Synergetic intermissions
born of mystical omniscience
flourish as divisions fade
in the silence.

Buddhists, Humanists and Christians
meditating through the distance
bring a unified brigade
facing chaos unafraid,
seeking peace with calm persistence
in the silence.



2019 Mary Boren
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When the World Screams

Confluences of miscommunication
are nothingness intensified by twelves,
the deafening cacophonous vibration
of people who are strangers to themselves.

I’d rather listen to the sound of silence
with all the rich inflection in its voice
that renovates the soul and quells the violence
within the human heart — a winning choice.


2017 Mary Boren
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“Be still and know
that I am God.” We owe
no less than every minute, every day.
Before our eyes,
He spreads the wondrous skies
and hangs the stars in glorious array.

Let lives exude
eternal gratitude
like mountain streams. His goodness, undeterred
by doubting minds,
flows freely as it winds
through ever deeper channels of His Word.

Our boundless debt
reflects in others met
with genuine forgiveness and goodwill
from hearts at rest
in knowing we are blessed
beyond imagination. Love can spill
from unexpected places when we’re still.


2014 Mary Boren
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