When passing travelers are led to ask,
the explanation can become a a task
daunting to the neophyte
who strives to get the message right.

Though modern mind rebels
ancient wisdom’s light compels
simpler, gentler ways
to navigate the maze.

not the dream we see,
splits the dark
with freedom’s spark.

What’s pure
will endure,
let go.



2013 Mary Boren
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I’ve jettisoned the nonessential stuff
(to wit: excessive bulk, possessions, pounds,
illusions, fears and attitudes). We’ll fluff
our chosen nest with gentle scents and sounds
in harmony with nature’s pulse. The hand
that shelters, guides and nurtures us compels
a smaller set of footprints on the land
in honor of the place where Spirit dwells.

Let frozen assets metamorph to slush.
Simplicity’s the message driven home
as, underneath the transitory rush,
life’s acquisitions dissipate like foam.

When living in a thirty foot RV,
the only things worth noticing come free.



2004 Mary Boren
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