Miss Perception


Once I peeked inside my psyche,
found an injudicious vision
trapped behind a rash decision.

From the shadows sprang a spiky
flashing tongue that struck and stung me
right between the eyes.  Unlike me!

Now I always ask permission
when I peek into my psyche.


cc-by-nc-nd  Mary Boren, 2012

A Love-Hate Relationship

Silhouette Man Woman Window

You wooed me with your promise that conveyed
an image guaranteed to please the crowd.
Your haughty head, as yet, remains unbowed
but flashy trinkets, trips, and games we’ve played
have given me a reason not to trade.
Can’t help myself — I’m programmed to enshroud
complaints in realism. (I’m not proud.)
You’re powerful and rich. You’ve got it made.

As Helen Keller said, “God never shuts
a door without a window opening.”
But fools like me won’t choose stability
instead of you because, confined to ruts,
we’re operating on a hope and wing.
You devil, Microsoft, you’re killin’ me!


cc-by-nc-nd  Mary Boren, 2000

Public Domain Photo