Puff Piece

A canopy of cumulus projection
aligns itself enticingly and spills
its cotton candy succulent confection
across the canvas of the Texas hills.

A viewer, from the vantage of a hammock,
anticipates the daily matinee
with vapors in their drama-packed dynamic
of interactive whimsical display.

But, looking down upon the scene, King Cirrus
harumphs a haughty epithet, “The stage
is mine alone today!” And with the merest
regard he scatters all in jealous rage.

The lively cast of Comal County Clouds
will never fail to entertain the crowds.


2020 Mary Boren
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The Community Under the Bridge

bats over Austin

The heart of Texas spreads its welcome mats
beneath wide open skies and live oak trees
for multicultural anomalies,
encompassing the native habitats
of varied specimens. Assorted hats
(from cowboys’ to construction workers’) squeeze
in line with tourists. Downtown eateries
cash in on Austin’s colony of bats.

At dusk, the stellar cast, in one accord,
commences its unflappable ascent
to glory over Congress Avenue.
The Capitol, just north, where laws afford
the bats profuse protection, stands unbent,
without a nod to folks who sleep there too.


cc-by-nc-nd  Mary Boren, 2003