Oh, My Children

With the power
to penetrate
the mystic guise
and orchestrate
each mortal decision and consequence
I’d be a god you despise.

But with peace
to liberate
all whose acts
forgiveness and empathy deep within.
I’d show you how to relax.

And with joy
to activate
the spirit’s lust
to luminate
the dubious shadow on every face.
I’d be the knowledge you trust.

Boundless love
to incarnate
with no intent
to violate
respect for your license to co-create
rises on wings of consent.


2020 Mary Boren
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God’s Within You

God Within

God’s within you here and now,
omnipresent host in-filling
to the measure you allow;
undiluted love is spilling
over every vein and pore,
intertwined with bone and sinew.
Emanating from the core,
God’s within you.


cc-by-nc-nd  Mary Boren, 2012

Public Domain Photo

Hidden Wholeness


“There is in all visible things – a hidden wholeness.” -Thomas Merton

I harbored thoughts of insufficiency
induced by a pervasive sense of lack
through tunnels where I didn’t wish to be.
I plodded on for fear of turning back.

Then suddenly my world turned topsy turvy
and, squeezed between avoidance and relief,
I stepped into the whirlwind, wild and swervy,
and there I glimpsed a scene beyond belief.

Without a map, a compass, or a chart,
I crawled on hands and bloody knees to find
the truth already written on my heart,
the best-kept secret known to humankind:

The universe is infinitely less
concerned with our perception of its laws
than we ourselves.  It simply seeks to bless
abundantly, oblivious to flaws.

If only we could hold ourselves in view
as we exist in oneness, bathed in light,
with undiminished dazzle breaking through
the veil, we’d rise undaunted past its height.


cc-by-nc-nd  Mary Boren, 2011