Twice Blessed

When Leslie cries, the hosts of heaven borrow
each other’s handkerchiefs to dry her eyes
today, because they realize tomorrow
will bring another marvelous surprise.
Her teardrops are a healthy vent for sorrow
to cleanse the mind and body. Hopes arise
when Leslie cries.

When Leslie laughs, the heavens swoop to hear it
because it gives the cherubs such a lift,
and any lucky soul who’s standing near it
is favored with an unexpected gift —
a double blessing born of joyful spirit
and brushed by angel wings. Perspectives shift
when Leslie laughs.

The truest friends will witness with discretion
our tears and laughter, treating each the same,
allowing us to be the full expression
of what’s inside—the essence, not the frame.
I celebrate the mutual progression
of understanding shared as we became
the truest friends.


2012 Mary Boren