Westward Ho Hum

Fort Stockton to El Paso is a band
of grey that looms ahead. The scenery
consists of asphalt, scrub mesquite, and sand,
unbroken by a sprig of greenery.
A panoply of mesas, bluffs, and buttes
stands sentinel in silent, treeless sway,
as if the elements are in cahoots
to spare the drowsy driver an array
of visual alerts. But don’t assume
this seen-a-slice-you’ve-seen-it-all terrain
should be avoided: Boredom might exhume
reflection. Minds that wander on the plain
can cycle unexpectedly when dials
are set for miles and miles of miles and miles.


2009 Mary Boren
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I used to say the scenery in West Texas is all in the sky, but these photos put that assertion to the test.