Here by This Brook

HERE, by this brook, we parted;* two lovers in the night
lost in the chaos of cities like apple worms evicted,
both chasing an elusive seventh heaven flight
on a road filled with bumps and often restricted.
Here by this brook we parted.

Back to the hills I went, where words are sparse
and susurrant breezes rustle tufts of timothy.
Life returned to simple, replacing my comical farce
with a style as intended – lighthearted and carefree.
Here by this brook we parted.

Where she went is something I often wonder,
hoping her tale holds drama as well as bliss;
and if pathways converge instead of trekking asunder
perhaps we’ll repeat, one more time, that enjoyable kiss.
Here by this brook we parted.

*Opening line from “The Brook“, Alfred Tennyson